Weapons - Universal Receiver Platform

One Receiver to Rule Them All

A driving force in #Liberator12k weapon design is reuse of the same receiver. Similar to the AR15 modular lower/upper concept.

The L12k is conceptually split into receiver/forend.

"One Size Fits Most"

Of course, not all designs can be crammed into the same receiver design. When and where possible, I try to reuse components - unless it's harder to reuse than redesign. It remains to be seen what else the receiver design can accommodate, but it's perfect for a break-action and the revolver.

In the end, modularity

Detours from the universal design have influenced the universal receiver and other forends. BARBB is a great example of a gun that doesn't fit well with the universal design. BARBB is a bullpup, for starters. But the trigger, guard, and grip are reused without modification.


Initial development efforts are focused on two main forends, although the goal is to have many more.


It's simple in design and operation.
Can be made with schedule 40 steel pipe.
Requires minimal machining.
Simple hand tools.

Pump AR-15

Requires factory-made parts (Barrel, bolt assembly)
Requires minimal machining.
Manual-loading rifle
5.56x41mm NATO or .300 Blackout

Zig-Zag Revolver

An advanced design with more capacity and pump-action.
Requires 4130 alloy tubing
Needs  square cuts and minor welding.