Weapons - Zig-Zag Revolver

Simple, Powerful, Repeater

The #Liberator12k Zig-Zag Revolver is an advanced design, approaching the capabilities of a modern pump shotgun. Designed to handle 3" magnum 1 3/8" 12ga slugs - this 3D printed shotgun is the real deal. Years of development will have produced a safe gun that goes bang every time you pull the trigger - and never before.

Zig-Zag Action

The zig-zag mechanism is a familiar feature in firearms: Nagant, Webley-Fosbery, Pancor, Imura, and more. The zig-zag mechanism is built around a simple machine: The inclined plane, which is then wrapped around a cylinder - otherwise known as a screw, similar to rifling. In this case, it's done in an alternating zig-zag pattern to index and rotate the shotgun cylinder.

Welded 4130 Tubing

I consider welding to be a few notches up the "tech tree". I tried to avoid welding in the revolver design, but 12ga is simply too potent a cartridge to do without welds. No other mechanical attachment would do - accept no substitute.