Sorry, not for export.

If you tell me it's going to a forwarder I'm going to assume you're a Fed. Glow somewhere else.


Kits contain all the metal parts required to finish the build. You must print all of the plastic parts, including the receiver. Prints are designed to work on an Ender 3 with PLA or better. Read the manual for full details.

Supplies are limited but backorders are accepted with full payment. This is a "first run" of parts for the Alpha release, the final bill of materials may change.


Cheap As Fuck Edition

12ga top-break based on the venerable pipe shotgun; the gun I set out to make when I started the project. Better than a slamfire: extractor, trigger, sights, pic rail, and more. Upgraded packages use 4130 alloy steel plate and tubing instead of mild steel "where it counts."

Big Package


Upgraded Plus package. No machining and a great way to support the project! 

  • Logo etched recoil plate
  • Recognition as a backer
  • Alloy 12ga and 20ga barrels
  • Precut stainless pins



Upgraded Base package. Less machining and better materials. Wire cutters and grinding/filing required for pins.

  • Completed alloy steel recoil plate
  • Alloy barrel and sleeve
  • All stainless fasteners
  • Grade 8 frame bolts
  • Stainless pin bar stock


Everything needed to finish the build in a "raw" form. Machine it yourself - use a drill press for best results. Requires bits: #29, 2.5mm, 5/16", #8-32 Tap

  • Mild steel recoil plate blank
  • Zinc plated and stainless fasteners, brass threaded inserts
  • Schedule 40 pipe barrel and sleeve
  • YOLO Achievement Unlocked